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DDS antenna cable & connector Trading, located in the Netherlands, is a professional trading company of Coax cable, Crimp tools, 
Crimp machine, rf connector,   rf coaxial connector, Semi Rigid, R/P, Reverse Polarity  and all other type of rf connector.

DDS has been a supplier of high quality, high reliability rf connector, coax cable and microwave connector, adaptors, and cable assemblies for the broadcast, telecommunication, commercial and military applications since 1993. When you looking for reliable distributor of RF connector and microwave connector! We are your best choice. For more information about Rf Connector, please contact us!

DDS Antenne kabel
Looierij 26  
NL-4762-AM Zevenbergen
Tel: 0168-370 347   Fax 0168-370 346
E-Mail: info@antennekabel.nl

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